XiaomiDevices – Xiaomi brand mobile phones are in great demand by Indonesians thanks to their affordable prices and equipped with attractive specifications.

As with other brands of cellphones, sometimes unexpected problems also appear on Xiaomi cellphones such as turning on and off suddenly.

This can happen due to several factors, both software and hardware, which causes the device to have to restart. This of course will make you annoyed because the cellphone cannot be used normally when needed for daily activities.

Causes of Xiaomi Mobile Turns On and Off Alone

Internal Storage Capacity Dying


Apart from applications, internal storage is also used for files from the Android operating system. If there is a small amount of internal storage remaining, it will usually result in a slow system. Even when the internal storage capacity is really at a critical point, it can cause Xiaomi phones to often turn off and on by themselves.

For that you should leave an internal storage capacity of at least 4 GB or more. In addition, maybe you can also prepare funds to buy a cellphone with 64 GB of internal storage or above.

RAM Overload

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RAM (Random Access Memory) has a function to store temporary data from applications running on mobile phones. The more applications that are running, of course, the more RAM capacity will be used.

If the RAM capacity is no longer full enough, usually the cellphone will experience a lag which is followed by a crash so that the system will turn off the cellphone and turn it back on so that it can run normally again.

Therefore, you can wisely make applications according to the RAM capacity of the cellphone so that the multitasking process of the application can run as it should.

There is a Virus or Malware


When you access certain sites in the browser, it is possible that there is usually a virus or malware secretly infecting the mobile system. In addition, downloading applications from third parties other than the Google Play Store also carries the same risk.

So don’t just open untrusted sites and you should install applications from the Google Play Store or Mi Store which are clearly certified safe. If you feel you are infected, you can use an antivirus or anti-malware application which usually has an automatic detection mode to remove viruses or malware.

Flashing Or Root Failed

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It is common for some Xiaomi mobile users to do a lot of Flashing to install various ROMs from third parties because they don’t like the default MIUI. To get full access to your cellphone, you usually need to root first so you can flash the ROM.

Unfortunately, sometimes Flashing can cause problems because there are some files that are not correct. Flashing ROM fails can make Xiaomi phones end up experiencing many problems, such as turning on and off one of them.

If you did previously flashing the ROM, then it’s best to return to the default MIUI. You can also take it to the nearest Xiaomi Service Center to have it repaired by an expert technician.

Phone Too Hot

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Sometimes overheating or overheating can be the cause of Xiaomi cellphones turning on and off automatically by themselves. Usually this is done by the system to protect the cellphone from damage or other unwanted things.

Therefore, always pay attention to the temperature of the cellphone. As much as possible, don’t play games for too long or run heavy applications because it requires a cellphone to work hard continuously. Even on some cellphones, problematic components such as the chipset can be one of the causes of overheating.