MIUI has various options to make it easier for us to use our Xiaomi smartphone. Among its numerous functionalities we find the possibility of view the data we have consumed on the notification panel or curtain.

Thanks to this option we can see at a glance how much data we have consumed throughout the day. In addition, we are also shown the totality of data that we have consumed of our rate throughout the entire billing period.

Without a doubt, a very interesting option, especially if we have a reduced data rate Or do we want to take a Greater control of our consumption without having to go directly to the settings menu.

How to visualize the data consumed in the notification curtain of your Xiaomi

If we want to visualize the data that we have consumed directly in the notification shade or notification panel we must perform the following steps:

  1. Go to Settings> SIM card and mobile networks> Set data plan
  2. Turn on the “Data Usage Notifications” option.

In this way we will get the data consumed to be displayed directly in the notification panel of our Xiaomi. Also, if we want reset data plan to a specific day, we will only have to do the following:

  1. Go to Settings > SIM card and mobile networks > Set data plan > Data plan
  2. Set in “Restart of the billing period” the day that the data rate is renewed.