XiaomiDevices – Digital health has become a topic of discussion for various technology companies for the past few years until finally giving birth to a number of new features as an answer.

The use of mobile phones cannot be separated from various activities of daily life. Even now a number of activities such as studying or working actually need to use this mobile device in order to be completed.

Using a cellphone for a very long duration unfortunately can have a negative impact on health, from minor things such as tired eyes or difficulty sleeping to an increased risk of brain cancer.

A number of technology companies are starting to realize this problem. One of them is Xiaomi which is now a dream brand for some people.

The company, which was once very well known as a software developer, is still diligently refining its MIUI system interface with a number of additional utilities, including a digital health feature called Screen Time.

About Screen Time in Xiaomi MIUI

Screen Time is an excellent feature of MIUI which is useful for managing the length of time a person uses a cellphone like Google’s Digital Wellbeing or iOS Screen Time.

By using this feature, Xiaomi smartphone users can check device and app usage data, limit the duration, or turn on special modes to stay focused.

In the new version distributed via MIUI 12, Xiaomi’s Screen Time feature has two tabs named Dashboard and Focus Mode which both have very different functions. Here’s how to use it.

How to View Screen Time on Xiaomi Mobile

  1. Try running the update on a supported device if you’re still on legacy MIUI
  2. If you are already running MIUI 12, open Settings
  3. Scroll down, search and select Screen Time
  4. Tap Dashboard if needed
  5. Choose between Day or Week according to the data to be displayed
  6. Tap an app category to view the data in more detail

The dashboard contains various data and key settings for the Xiaomi Screen Time feature. Users in it can see details of the time they use their cellphones, the duration of using the application, and how often they open the screen.

Users can view various kinds of data in the form of simple graphs with parameters that can be changed between daily and weekly for easy mapping.

In the Dashboard Screen Time page, users can also set a time limit for using their cellphone. Users can even distinguish them for use on active days or weekends and make exceptions for certain applications.

How to Limit Mobile Use with Screen Time

  1. Visit page Settings
  2. Search below and tap menu Screen Time
  3. On page Dashboard, tap the slide button next to options Daily screen time limit
  4. Change the working day usage limit in the section Weekdays
  5. Set a limit for the weekend in the section Weekends
  6. Tap App exceptions to set the apps you don’t want to be restricted if needed

Enabling this restriction feature will trigger a special notification when the screen is turned on beyond the applied setting. Therefore, if you use your cellphone for work, don’t forget to add the related application to the App exceptions section.

In addition to limiting the duration of use, Screen Time also has support called Focus Mode. With it, users can run a feature that can make them unable to use their cellphones for a while so they can focus on doing something.

How to Activate Focus Mode on Xiaomi Phones

  1. Page access Settings Xiaomi device used
  2. Navigate the settings page to section Screen Time
  3. Tap menu Focus Mode
  4. Choose the desired duration
  5. Click Turn on Focus Mode
  6. Confirm by button Turn on if a warning pop-up appears

Unlike the Do Not Disturb (DND) feature which only mutes notifications, Focus Mode actually makes all cellphone features not work except the camera and emergency calls.

After activating this mode, users also cannot cancel it so they need to wait for it to finish with a duration ranging from 30, 60, 90 minutes, or as previously applied.

Screen Time is actually already available in some older versions of MIUI. Users can also use it like a few steps above by adjusting the name and location.

But if you don’t support this, you can try other alternatives like the tips I’ve shared before because MIUI basically uses the Android system as the basis.

Xiaomi Screen Time Alternative

Google Digital Wellbeing

  1. Run the app Settings
  2. Scroll down and search Digital Wellbeing & parental controls
  3. On the next page, select Show your data
  4. Later on, various kinds of data will appear that you need

Digital Wellbeing is one of the pioneers of digital health features. In it, users can also find a variety of interesting tools that can be used to manage mobile phone usage.

This Google-owned digital health service also includes a number of menus such as a Dashboard that can be used to set a timer for each application, Bedtime mode, and Focus mode.

Mobile phones with operating systems before Android 9 Pie unfortunately will not be able to taste this default feature from Google. Fortunately, various old devices are equipped with a battery usage feature that can also be used to see how long someone has used a cellphone.

Android Battery Usage Features

  1. open Settings on the device you want to check
  2. Search and select menu Battery & performance
  3. Next go to section Battery usage stats

From this page, users can find out how long the cellphone has been using by looking at the Screen section which generally informs how long the screen has been on.

Each version of the MIUI system certainly has a different placement and naming. Users can adapt the steps above to the version used.

If the battery usage checking feature is still lacking and incomplete, then another solution that can be taken to see the screen time on a Xiaomi cellphone is to use a third-party application.

Third Party Apps

  1. Install the StayFree app via Google Play Store
  2. Run the application, then set the year of birth to match the settings according to the age range when you first use it
  3. Press Continue then agree to the terms and policies of service by tapping the button I Agree
  4. Follow the instructions that appear on the screen until you get to the main page

StayFree is an example of an application that supports time management of mobile phone usage. In addition to this application, you can also look for similar products on the Google Play Store if you are still not satisfied.

But for me personally, this application is more than enough. It already has features such as alarms that can be activated to limit cellphone use, instead of only displaying duration data.

Checking Screen Time and using several features to limit activities with cellphones is very necessary. Therefore, if you have problems using the features or methods above, you can ask in the comments column.