XiaomiDevices – Xiaomi is one of the companies that presents mobile phones with attractive hardware specifications, but at an affordable price.

Even so, sometimes Xiaomi cellphones can have errors starting from bugs that occur when running applications, boot loops that rotate on the bootscreen page, or get stuck on the Mi logo.

Usually some of you will enter Recovery Mode to fix problems that occur on the Xiaomi cellphone system. Later in this mode, you will find the Reboot, Wipe Data, and Connect with Mi Assistant menus.

Reboot is used if you want to restart the cellphone. Meanwhile, Wipe Data is used for deleting data in the Hard Reset process so that it can repair Xiaomi phones that experience bootloop or are stuck on the Mi logo.

Wipe Data can also be used to solve the problem of forgetting the PIN or password on the screen lock. But it should be noted that you must remember the Google account or Xiaomi account registered on the cellphone because you need it after the Wipe Data process is complete.

But sometimes the Wipe Data process doesn’t work properly so you need another method to repair your phone by selecting Connect with Mi Assistant in Recovery Mode. Connect with Mi Assistant can be used to fix problems on the Xiaomi mobile system with the help of Mi PC Suite software installed on a PC or laptop with a Windows operating system.

Interestingly, the Connect with Mi Assistant feature can also be used to access and back up data from the internal storage of Xiaomi phones and Flashing ROM MIUI.

How to Use Connect With Mi Assistant

  1. Download and install Mi PC Suite on a Windows PC or Laptop
  2. Turn off the Xiaomi cellphone with the button Power
  3. Press the button Volume Up and Power simultaneously for a few seconds to enter Recovery Mode
  4. On page recovery mode, select menu Connect with Mi AssistantConnect With Mi Assistant
  5. Next, open the app Mi PC Suite installed
  6. Login with the account and password from the Mi Account used on the cellphone
  7. Next, the application asks you to connect your cellphone to your laptop with a data cable
  8. Once connected, then press the button Refresh in Mi PC Suite until a menu appears showing that the data from the mobile phone can already be viewed on the computer
  9. Next, you can adjust the needs of your cellphone, from viewing and backing up the data needed to repairing the system on your phone Mi PC Suite

With features Connect with Mi Assistant and the MI PC Suite application, you can get important data back even if the phone is in an error state. Furthermore, you can repair or restore Xiaomi devices without worrying about losing data.