Among the wide list of MIUI functionalities we can find Quickly answers. This allows us to use some messaging applications such as WhatsApp, while using another app, be it the Browser, YouTube or any other.

Thus, Xiaomi Quick Answers allows us to visualize through a floating window the messaging application in question, all without the need for us to enter it and stop seeing what we were seeing.

Unlike the option to reply to notifications, Quickly answers It allows us to visualize all the options, for example WhatsApp. With this, we will not only be able to respond quickly and easily, but also send images or documents and view those received.

How to activate MIUI quick responses on your Xiaomi

To activate quick responses on your Xiaomi with MIUI you just have to perform the following steps:

  • Go to Settings > Special features > Quick responses
  • Next we activate Quickly answers and all those apps in which we want to be able to use Xiaomi’s quick responses.

In this way we can make use of the Quick Responses on our Xiaomi mobile and in all those applications available for it, either while in Youtube, shopping at amazon or aliexpress or even browsing Chrome or firefox.

In addition, MIUI allows us to adjust the size and position of this floating window, making its use really comfortable and easy to use.

How to use Xiaomi quick responses on your mobile with MIUI

Once we have the Active MIUI quick responses and we are in one of the supported applications, we will only have to click on the received notification.

As we can see in this example, after clicking on the notification of WhatsApp, the application will open in a small floating window from which we can respond.