The Themes application has become one of the most important for all of us who love to customize our Xiaomi to the fullest. From this we can not only customize the control center or the loading animation, but also, keep each topic updated with the latest news.

As if it were the MIUI updates themselves, the Theme application allows us to update each theme that we have installed with the latest news and changes that its own developer has released publicly.

In this way we can keep abreast of the latest news on a particular topic that we like or correct, as in many cases, small bugs in the interface. But… Do you know how to update the themes installed on your Xiaomi? Don’t worry, here we explain how.

How to update the themes installed on your Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO

For update the themes installed on your Xiaomi you just have to perform these steps:

  1. Access the Themes > Profile application and then click on “Topics
  2. Once inside, we will only have to apply all the updates from the upper right button called “Update all”

Thus we will manage to have all our themes up to date, thus including any novelty that its developer has implemented, be it an aesthetic change or a correction.