XiaomiDevices – Talkback has indeed become one of the basic features that arm almost all mobile phones today.

Xiaomi is also noted to bring Talkback support on its homemade devices, which allows users with visual impairments to still be able to navigate the device properly.

This feature will provide information about what we touch before selecting it. When this feature is active, we can generally get information from all the menus that appear on the screen through an explanation in the form of voice.

Next we only need to touch the part we want to know to get information in the form of sound to be heard.

The Talkback feature will unfortunately be difficult for ordinary users because we need to tap the screen several times when we want to select an option or button. On some devices it will even be accompanied by a vibration which is quite annoying.

The good news is that this feature is easy to turn off. The settings can even be found directly on the Xiaomi phone’s Settings page.

How to turn off the Talkback feature on Xiaomi phones

  1. Use two fingers to drag or swipe the screen
  2. Find and tap the icon Settings
  3. Double tap the icon to open it
  4. Scroll down the screen with two fingers
  5. Touch menu Additional settings then double tap to enter it
  6. Search and select Accessibility using the same method
  7. Select menu Vision with a similar method if needed
  8. Tap Talkback then double click
  9. Select and double tap on Use Talkback or Accessibility according to the menu that appears
  10. Use the same method to select options Stop

Turning off talkback on Xiaomi phones will return the user experience to its original state. So, we no longer need to double-tap to open a menu, select an option, or press a button on the cellphone used.

In almost the same way, we can also activate this feature again. The selection of menus and options just doesn’t need to be done twice because cellphone use is usually still normal before Talkback starts.

Talkback itself can be a useful feature for some people. This feature is not only available on cellphones made by Xiaomi, but also equips devices belonging to Samsung, OPPO, vivo, and realme. It’s just that the naming may be slightly different.