XiaomiDevices – In MIUI, which is present on mobile phones made by Xiaomi, there is an interesting feature called MIUI Optimization.

This one feature can make the MIUI interface look better and improve mobile phone performance to be smoother and faster.

Supported by artificial intelligence or Artificial Intelligence, MIUI Optimization will intelligently optimize RAM, internal storage, and battery so that Xiaomi phones are more comfortable to use in daily activities.

However, MIUI Optimization can cause problems with some applications downloaded from the Google Play Store or other places because it continues to optimize RAM and battery so that applications often cannot be opened.

This is what makes some Xiaomi mobile users want to turn off MIUI Optimization. Meanwhile, for those of you who experience a similar problem, you can disable this feature quite easily. But before that, you have to open the Developer Options menu first.

Enable Developer Options on MIUI

  1. Open menu or application Settings on xiaomi phones
  2. Next go to About Phone
  3. Press the MIUI version menu 7 times
  4. Later a message will appear You are now a developer
  5. Developer Options have also been opened for access

In Developer Options there are many secret settings that developers can use to monitor the performance of the Android operating system, including Xiaomi phones.

How to Turn off MIUI Optimization

MIUI 11 or Below Version

  1. Open menu or application Settings
  2. Select menu Additional Settings
  3. Then select menu Developer Options
  4. Press the button toggle MIUI Optimization to the dead position

Unfortunately on MIUI 12 or above, you will not immediately find MIUI Optimization because it has been hidden by Xiaomi. But you can still bring up the feature with steps that are not much different

MIUI 12 or above version

  1. Entered into Settings on xiaomi phones
  2. select Additional Settings
  3. Press the toggle button OEM unlock to be active
  4. Restart Xiaomi phone
  5. reactivate Developer Options
  6. Enter menu Developer Options what’s on the page Additional Settings
  7. Press menu Reset to default values quickly two or five times
  8. Menu MIUI Optimization will appear on the page Developer Options
  9. Next, press toggle MIUI Optimization to be dead

You could say that Xiaomi has hidden the Developer Options and MIUI Optimization features because they don’t want general users to accidentally press features that are actually very useful by default.

Although you can disable the MIUI Optimization feature, you should just leave it active because with this feature Xiaomi phones can run stably, save battery, and have better RAM management.