Xiaomi Cloud, the Xiaomi cloud, offers us for free up to 5GB storage for our photographs, videos, contacts, etc. Today, this space is quite insignificant, causing the fact that we constantly receive notifications for lack of space on our smartphone.

If your cloud storage is already full, it is very likely that practically daily you receive the notification on your Xiaomi of lack of space. A constant warning that ends up annoying, especially if we do not want to deactivate Xiaomi Cloud.

In view of this, we are going to explain how to disable this notification in order to continue using Xiaomi Cloud but not receive notice due to lack of space. A fairly simple way to leave the notification panel free for other notifications.

Disable Xiaomi Cloud notification due to lack of space

For disable Xiaomi Cloud notifications for full storage, we just have to perform the following steps:

  1. Shift incoming notification of lack of space to the left.
  2. Click on the options (gear icon).
  3. Turn off notifications and click on “DONE”.

In this way we will be able to prevent the Xiaomi Cloud notifications due to lack of space or full storage they arrive constantly to our Xiaomi. An easy and simple way to adjust each parameter to our liking.