Nowadays, cellphones have become very important to us. By using smartphones we can be in touch with our distant family members and access our social accounts, emails, etc. Not only this, but we also keep a lot of important data on our cellphone. It is very sad for us if we lose our cellphone. In such situation, we do not even know how to track the cellphone. So Xiaomi is giving a feature that allows you to track the cellphones. Here we will tell you how to track the Xiaomi cellphone in this situation.

Some people being careless for their phones is a normal thing because carrying cellphone is a tuff job for them. That’s why Xiaomi is giving us this opportunity that we can track our cellphone from anywhere. By using the MIUI operating system, Xiaomi provides a variety of additional equipment in smartphones. One of them, Xiaomi, provided a cloud-based service called Mi Cloud.

Mi Cloud provides a service to Xiaomi users to store data such as contacts, messages, photos, files, audio, video, and notes on their cloud servers. Xiaomi also has a feature to scan the location of the cellphone using the MIUI system.

To use this feature, you must have to login mi account in your Xiaomi phone. Follow the steps for login.

  1. Go to the settings on your Xiaomi cellphone.
  2. Click on account and find Mi Account.
  3. Then you fill up all your account detail.
  4. Then click on cloud services, and you can find all folders(Contact, Messages, Gallery, Call history, etc.)

You can use it to track the Xiaomi cellphone that is accidentally lost. If you want to track a lost Xiaomi cellphone using this feature, Let’s discuss here in more depth.

Ways to track Xiaomi Cellphones through Mi Cloud

These are two ways we can know about our lost cellphones. The first is with the help of Mi cloud, and the second is through Find my device. Firstly we discuss the facility of MI cloud service. It’s like a server where we can save our cellphone’s data and access from anywhere with another device’s help and track our cellphone.

Steps to track our phone-

  1. First, open the mi cloud and log in with MI account detail
  2. select Mi Account then Mi Cloud.
  3. Tap on the section Find Device
  4. then clicks Turn on Find Device.
  5. Enter the password when prompted and click the button OK.

Note- the steps to activate Find Device apply to the relatively new MIUI version. Therefore, you will need to adjust it a bit if you are using a different version. But usually have roughly the same steps. After this feature is active, you can use the Find Device feature to track a lost Xiaomi cellphone. To use it, you can open a page and log in using the same account as the account on the device.

Mi cloud gives more options that help you to get your phone. If your cellphone power is on and still connected to the internet, you can press the button Locate.

  • Noise– When you find the location. Then you can press the noise button to make the cellphone noise sound. So you can detect it more easily in that area. It has an advantage that this noise will not be more or less than any volume button.
  • Lost Mode– In this mode, we can message the Xiaomi cellphone screen that has been lost and enter the number for calling. So that if someone gets our phone, then they can help us by reading this message.
  • Wipe Data: If you think that your phone has many special data, you may get hurt for losing. So you can erase your sensitive data. This method is safe for you when you want to delete your storage.  

Ways to track Xiaomi Cellphones Through Google’s Find My Device

To find Xiaomi devices, you can also use the features of Google’s Find My Device. This feature is a common feature commonly used to track Android devices in general. Follow the steps to track the Xiaomi cellphone.

  1. open the link
  2. Now, login with your Google account.
  3. Then the device list appears on the screen.
  4. Select your device which you want to track
  5. Now you can locate your phone.

You can also track your phone in this way. If you have a phone and the internet is running, google also allows you to erase data and lock the cellphone.

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