XiaomiDevices – As a smartphone company, Xiaomi is now well-known thanks to the presence of two series of devices consisting of Redmi and Mi Series.

The Redmi series is a lower-middle class Xiaomi smartphone line that has affordable prices. While the Mi series is a line of upper-middle-class smartphones that are equipped with interesting hardware features and specifications.

These two smartphone series themselves are equipped with various interesting features, one of which is in the camera sector. Even unmitigated, the latest Mi series is equipped with the Moon Mode feature that can be used to take pictures of the moon easily.

Xiaomi smartphones already have the Moon Mode feature include the Mi Note 10, Mi Note 10 Pro, and Mi 10. With the presence of this feature, users can take pictures of the moon with clear and sharp results like using a professional camera.

Mi Note 10 Black

Actually, this Moon Mode feature is almost like the one present on the HUAWEI P30 and P30 Pro or above. The camera application has embedded special algorithms combined with artificial intelligence to make the moon look clear, sharp, and good when captured in the form of photos.

We all know that if we don’t use Moon Mode, the targeted moon will emit a very bright light so the texture is not clearly visible. With artificial intelligence and applied algorithms, this feature is able to reduce the light emitted by the moon and the textures are made clear and sharp.

For that, you can see how to take a photo of the moon with the three Xiaomi cellphones using the following tutorial.

How to Photo Moon with Xiaomi Moon Mode

  1. First, open the default camera app on Mi Note 10, Mi Note 10 Pro or Mi 10
  2. In the camera application, enable AI Scene Recognition
  3. After the AI ​​is active, then point the Xiaomi cellphone camera at the moon that is visible
  4. Next, zoom in on the moon until it says Moon Mode appears in the camera app
  5. After Moon Mode selected, then the camera application will reduce the moonlight and also the texture will be sharpened
  6. If you feel that the moon is suitable to be photographed, then press the virtual button Shutter
  7. Then, the moon photo will be stored in the internal storage of the Xiaomi cellphone

The texture of the moon in photos using Moon Mode will be clearly visible because it uses optimized algorithms and artificial intelligence. Actually, the Mi 9 series smartphone has also been equipped with this feature.

Meanwhile, other Redmi and Mi smartphones must use the Pro or Manual method contained in the default camera application. For that, you can see the steps to take a photo of the moon as follows.

Using Pro or Manual Mode

  1. First, open the default camera application for the Redmi or Mi series HP
  2. In the camera application, select Mode Pro or Manual
  3. Then set ISO, White Balance, Focus, Shutter Speed, and others according to the surrounding environmental conditions
  4. In addition, you can also zoom so that the moon can look bigger
  5. After everything is set as you wish, then select the virtual button Shutter
  6. Furthermore, you can see the photo of the moon in the app Gallery

In contrast to Moon Mode, photos using Pro or Manual Mode will produce the moon with more fluorescent light and a less sharp texture. But if you really want to get very clear moon photos using Pro or Manual Mode, then you can add a Telezoom lens from a third party.