The MIUI camera no longer only allows us to take conventional photographs, but also, incorporate filters and settings templates, in order to achieve photographs as impressive as the ones we can see on the cover of this article.

Specifically, it is a photograph that, taking advantage of a long exposure allows us to capture the trail of light from cars, ccreating a most striking continuous beam effect. The best thing is that for this, we do not have to be an expert or professional in photography.

And it is that, among the camera settings that Xiaomi integrates in practically all its smartphones with MIUI, we find a template called “neon trails” which allows us to achieve this effect without the need to adjust values ​​through the Professional mode.

How to take long exposure photos on your Xiaomi: light trail cars

To take photographs as impressive as the one we can see on these lines, managing to see a trail of light from the cars, we just have to activate the “neon trails“. To do this, we just have to perform the following steps:

  1. Go to Camera > More > Long Exposure
  2. Once inside, all you have to do is activate the “neon trails
    • From the settings of this mode we can modify the exposure time or activate a guide to take the photograph adjusted to the horizon.

But what if your Xiaomi does not have this mode? We can also do it manually. To do this we just have to enter the “Pro” of the camera and adjust these values:

  • Focus (F): Infinity, as if you were to capture a landscape.
  • ISO: Set it to the lowest value possible without becoming grainy.
  • Exposure time (S): 10 seconds.

Whether we use the automatic or the professional mode, it is important that we use a tripod and thus avoid movements that blur the resulting photograph during the entire exposure time. A good option is Xiaomi Mi Selfie Stick.

If you like this type of photography, we recommend follow the thread “Long Exposure” in Mi Community where you will find all kinds of tips and tricks to get the best results.