XiaomiDevices – Xiaomi also provides various kinds of mobile phones in its line of devices with a screenshot feature that allows us to capture the image display on the screen.

Through the interface of the Android operating system called MIUI, this feature even has several extra options which include long screenshots.

With the support for the long screenshot feature, we can find it easier when we need to save applications or web pages with long pages in the form of images which generally require several times to open the screen to see the entire display.

If a regular screenshot can only capture part by part of the related page so that the image will be fragmented, the extra support is able to do it all at once and produce a full view.

Using long screenshots to capture the screen display on Xiaomi phones is fortunately very easy. We can even do it without needing to fiddle with the settings on the device.

How to Take Long Screenshots on Xiaomi Phones

  1. Visit the long page to be immortalized
  2. Take regular screenshots on Xiaomi phones (for example using the key combination Power and Volume Down, three finger gesture, or Quick Menu)
  3. Tap the button Scroll or Scroll below the screenshot of the screenshot that appears
  4. If the Scroll or Scroll menu does not exist, click screenshot first to bring it up
  5. The page to be screenshot will scroll automatically
  6. Click button Done or Finished if it’s enough
  7. Crop or edit images with the existing menu if needed
  8. Tap the button Save or save

If you feel the screen scrolls too fast, you can touch and slide it manually using your finger. On the other hand we can also take advantage of the Crop feature before saving it when the screenshot captures the page too long.

Just like regular screenshots, screenshots with the above steps will also be available on mobile storage media. We can open it using the Gallery application, file manager, or image editor.

Long screenshots are indeed an important option for some people. This support can make it easier for us to save important articles, capture the appearance of the application interface, to document text conversations.