Among the functionalities of MIUI we find the possibility of take a long screenshot. This small functionality that exists in practically all Xiaomi mobiles allows us to carry out a full screen capture.

In detail, this extra functionality allows to capture the entire scroll of a Web in particular, from the Settings section or even from any other application that we have installed on our Xiaomi mobile with MIUI.

As a result we get a long screenshot with all the content displayed on our Xiaomi smartphone that has MIUI 11. A very interesting functionality that enriches MIUI in order to be one of the most complete Android customization layers.

How to take a long screenshot on your Xiaomi

To make a long screenshot on our Xiaomi with MIUI we must perform the following steps:

  1. Take a conventional screenshot. For it hold down the power and volume down buttons of our Xiaomi mobile for a few seconds.
  2. After that, a small floating window will appear in the upper right part of MIUI with the screenshot and two options to press. In this case we will click on “Displace” before it disappears.
  3. Once pressed, the long screenshot will begin to be created. Likewise, we can move the scroll of this to the area that interests us.
  4. Once the long screenshot has been taken, we will only have to save it as if it were any other conventional screenshot.

As we said, this functionality is available on practically any Xiaomi mobile device with MIUI, whether it is a Xiaomi Mi 9, a Redmi Note 7 or any other model. A very simple way to capture fullscreen or long screenshot.