The MIUI camera application hides more secrets than we can ever imagine. Among its many functionalities and customization options, we find the multi-camera mode that they know very little.

This, present only in those devices equipped with a telephoto camera, for example, the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra, allows us to have a real-time preview of all cameras, in turn allowing us to choose two of them to later start a video recording in combination.

Thanks to this way we can have a generalized preview and in a grid format, of what the different cameras of our Xiaomi are capable of capturing, be it the image obtained by the main camera, the telephoto lens with different magnifications or even the front camera.

In addition, the multi-camera mode allows us combine two smartphones for more professional video recording from various approaches. In this case, both devices must be compatible with this mode.

How to activate the multi-camera mode of your Xiaomi

What is multi-camera mode and how can you start it on your Xiaomi. Xiaomi Addicts News

If your Xiaomi is compatible with the multi-camera mode, its activation is the simplest. To do this, simply follow these steps:

  1. Start the MIUI camera and then access the section “Plus
  2. Once inside we will only have to activate the option “Multi-camera

Once done, a grid will be shown on the screen, including what is displayed by the wide angle (0.5x), the main camera (1x), the telephoto lens with a magnification (2x), the telephoto lens with five increases (5x), the telephoto lens with ten magnifications (10x) and the front camera.

What’s more, from the options of this mode we can combine another device that also has multi-camera mode, in turn combining the shots into a single video. In short, a very interesting mode, especially for lovers of photography and video recording.