Among the great variety of options and functionalities that MIUI offers us, we find the possibility of split screen. Thanks to this we can display two applications simultaneously, thus multiplying the possibilities in order to improve our productivity.

Thanks to the split screen functionality we can show on the screen of our Xiaomi two applications at the same time, thus facilitating all kinds of tasks such as taking notes from a video or even following a tutorial on the internet while applying the steps in the settings of our smartphone.

Without a doubt, dividing the screen of our Xiaomi is a very interesting functionality, which on many occasions It will make everyday tasks easier for us., in turn improving the multitasking of our device.

How to split the screen of your Xiaomi in several applications

Splitting the screen of a Xiaomi device is extremely easy. For this, it will suffice open multitasking, either by sliding our finger from the bottom of the screen or through the virtual buttons. After that, we must click on “split screen” and choose the applications to show.

Another way to split the screen of our Xiaomi is to start multitasking, press and hold one of the apps what we want to show and then click on the split screen icon. After that we will be asked to choose the second application that we want to show.

In addition, this functionality of MIUI allows us adjust display size of each application, either by enlarging the one shown at the top or the one at the bottom. To exit this mode we will only have to move the central bar towards the bottom of the screen.