XiaomiDevices – Xiaomi has officially launched 4 smartphone 4G-LTE is official and has passed 30% TKDN, namely Redmi 3S, Redmi 4A, Redmi Note 4, and Redmi 4X.

Besides, all smartphone it has an affordable price. Naturally official Xiaomi users will increase again with the presence of 4 smartphone the.

But for some gadgets who are new to using Xiaomi, sometimes they will be a little confused when they see the application Contact and suddenly the phone contacts of friends, colleagues, or relatives who are on the SIM Card are not available in the application.

This will certainly be very confusing, especially for those of you who have used other brands of smartphones which usually will automatically display all contacts.

To solve this, it’s fairly easy, Gadgeters can follow the tutorial for displaying SIM contacts on Xiaomi as follows.

How to Show SIM Contacts on Xiaomi

  1. First Gadgeters can visit the application or menu Settings.
  2. Next, choose the menu system app.
  3. Once on the page System app then you can directly select the menu Contact.
  4. On page Contact, Gadgeters can choose Display Preferences.
  5. Finally, Gadgeters can immediately activate Show SIM Contacts on page Display Preferences.

Later when the Gadgeter opens the application Contact then automatically the contacts from the SIM Card will increase slowly so just wait for a while.

Just in case, Gadgeters can also directly change the storage location of their contacts to Gmail so that they can be easily synchronized later.

That way you won’t be bothered every time you switch smartphones because everything is stored in cloud storage.