XiaomiDevices – Xiaomi is one of the vendors that has succeeded in building an image as a company that develops smartphones with high hardware specifications, but at affordable prices.

Not only hardware specifications, features, and prices that attract Xiaomi fans (Mi Fans), it turns out that the modified ROM called MIUI also opens many people to feel happy because it has an attractive interface and features.

One of the features of MIUI that people are most interested in is hiding albums and photos in Xiaomi smartphones so that not everyone can see private photos that are private.

But sometimes if it has been hidden on a Xiaomi smartphone then at any time you can forget about how to show it again. For that, for gadgets who want to display hidden albums on Xiaomi, they can view the information as follows.

How to Show Hidden Photo Albums on Xiaomi

  1. First, Gadgeters can enter the application Settings (Settings).
  2. Next select menu System Apps (system applications).
  3. Then, the Gadgeter can choose the menu Gallery (Gallery).
  4. On the Gallery menu, Gadgeters can activate the button on/off from Show hidden albums.
  5. After this menu is successfully activated, the photos will be visible from hiding.
  6. Later, Gadgeters can directly enter the application Gallery.
  7. Next, the Gadgeter can choose the menu Clouds.
  8. Then, you can press and hold the screen and swipe down.
  9. Later the Gadgeter will be asked to enter a password or pattern.
  10. Once opened, the hidden photo album will automatically be visible.

You could say this is one of the surefire ways so that your friends, relatives, and those closest to you are not careless in opening saved private photos. For that, I hope this method helps.

In this 2018 Xiaomi starts smartphones his first with the Mi MIX 2S. This smartphone has a full screen aspect ratio of 18: 9 that fills the front so that it looks futuristic. Even the top bezel is very thin thanks to the front camera which is below.

Meanwhile, Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S itself managed to enter the top 10 smartphones with the best cameras in the world based on DxOMark testing. You could say that the Mi MIX 2S is able to compete with the Huawei Mate 10 Pro and Apple iPhone X with the same score reaching 97 points.