XiaomiDevices – Displaying information about speed and data usage on the status bar of the mobile phone that is being used can certainly help someone better control the use of internet quota.

By implementing this option, users will certainly find it easier to check the amount of quota that has been used so that they can immediately brake when the target is exceeded.

The support for doing this is fortunately present basically as an additional feature on a number of cellphones, including among them on devices made by Xiaomi.

Through a system interface called MIUI, the mobile phone company from the Bamboo Curtain country is indeed diligent in adding various kinds of features and support that are very useful.

Users can even activate it very easily which generally can be done directly through the settings page available in it.

Support for displaying data usage indicators as well. Users can find the settings without needing the help of third-party applications.

How to Show Data Usage in MIUI

MIUI 11 and Below

  1. Go to page Settings
  2. Enter menu Sim cards & mobile networks
  3. Click Set data plan
  4. Activate option Data usage
  5. Scroll down to the section Additional settings
  6. Turn on option Data usage notifications

After success, information about data usage will also appear in the notification bar section. Xiaomi mobile users can tap on it for details.

The option to show data usage in notification bar is now unfortunately not supported by MIUI 12 Global version (new Chinese version). Therefore, users must take other alternatives.


  1. Download the Mi Control Center app from Google Play Store
  2. Open the app
  3. Choose an option Or Try Limited Version if you want to try it for free How to Show Data Usage in MIUI - 1
  4. Allow access requests to Dual SIM, Accessibility, and Notifications by tapping the slider button next to it How to Show Data Usage in MIUI - 2
  5. Follow the instructions that appear on the screen for each access setting
  6. On the main page of the application, make sure the slider button at the top is active and the caption next to it says Running How to Show Data Usage in MIUI - 3
  7. Scroll down
  8. Open menu Data Usage How to Show Data Usage in MIUI - 4
  9. Activate option Show Mobile Data Usage and Show today usage How to Show Data Usage in MIUI - 5
  10. If data access permission settings appear, follow the instructions shown

Mi Control Center is not an official Xiaomi app. So, users can also use it to display data usage indicators in the notification bar on MIUI 11 and below or other brands of cellphones.