Among the wide functionalities that MIUI offers us we find the possibility of share wifi from our Xiaomi. With this, we can connect other devices to the Internet by sharing our own data connection.

In itself, MIUI allows us to create a new Wi-Fi network in order to share our data connection with other devices. In addition, we can not only create a Wi-Fi Zone, but also limit its use and add an access password.

This functionality is available on virtually any Android device. With this, share data from a Redmi Note 8, Xiaomi Mi 9 or any other device like the Xiaomi Mi A1, it is extremely simple.

How to share the Internet by wifi on our Xiaomi mobile

If we want share our internet connection creating a wifi access point in our Xiaomi we will only have to carry out the following steps:

  1. Go to Settings> Portable hotspot> Configure portable hotspot
  2. Once inside:
    • We configure the name of the WiFi network to create (SSID)
    • We configure the security, that is, the password that we will use to connect to this new Wi-Fi network from another device.
  3. We return to Portable WiFi Zone and activate “Portable Wi-Fi zone

In this way we will already be sharing our internet connection by data by creating a wifi connection. To connect from another device we will only have to explore nearby networks and connect to it.

In addition, from the same configuration of the Portable Wi-Fi Zone, MIUI allows us configure shared data limit and the automatic hotspot deactivation if it is not used for a certain time.