XiaomiDevices – DNS settings on Xiaomi phones with the MIUI 10 operating system based on Android Pie 9 were not previously provided by Xiaomi developers.

But now for Xiaomi mobile users who get MIUI 12 based on Android Pie 10, they can use custom DNS as they wish. The private DNS setting feature can provide various benefits such as access filters and speeding up the loading process.

For parents, DNS can be used to filter sites that should be blocked or unsafe sites so that the device is not infiltrated by malware.

For those of you who use a Xiaomi device that is already running MIUI 12 based on Android Pie 10, then this DNS feature can be accessed and set up by yourself in the phone settings. The method is very easy, the XiaomiDevices team will provide the steps below.

How to Set Private DNS on Xiaomi with MIUI 12

  1. Go to menu Settings or Settings WL.Redmi-Note-8-Pro-DNS-Private
  2. Select menu Connection and Sharing.
  3. Then click Private DNS.
  4. Next select Private DNS mode on menu Private DNS provider hostname. How to Set Private DNS on Redmi Note 8 Pro MIUI 12 Android 10.
  5. insert DNS provider hostname.
  6. Then click save.

One of the DNS that you can use is 1dot1dot1dot1.cloudflare-dns.com for faster internet access on sites that use cloudfare, dns.quad9.net to block malicious sites due to viruses, dns.adguard.com so that there are no harmful ads, and adult-filter-dns.cleanbrowsing.org to block inappropriate content.

Those are the steps to set up private DNS on Xiaomi phones with the MIUI 12 operating system based on Android Pie 10. That way you can set it according to the private DNS you want to use for the convenience of accessing the internet.

For Xiaomi mobile users with the MIUI 10 operating system based on Android Pie 9, unfortunately this DNS feature is not presented so users have to use third-party applications such as QuickShortcut or Activity Launcher on the Google Play Store.

After one of the third-party applications is installed, you can open it and click the menu com.android.settings.Settings$NetworDashboardActivity. Then select the Try menu to be redirected to the Connection and Sharing mobile settings on personal DNS.

Then fill in the Hostname of the private DNS provider using one of the previously mentioned ones. Good luck!