With the arrival of the GCam ports to Xiaomi devices, we have been able to experience all the advantages of the Pixel camera. Better night shots, a greater number of options and in short, a great improvement in general compared to the MIUI camera itself.

In addition, there is no longer only the GCam as such, it is joined by various mods such as trCamera or UltraCVM, offering us more possibility and even at a professional level, in order to squeeze all the photographic characteristics of our Xiaomi.

Many, including myself, have filled our Xiaomi with various versions of GCam and its wide variety of mods. Consequently this can lead to some conflict, so then I’m going to tell you how set GCam as MIUI default camera.

How to set GCam as the default camera of your Xiaomi with MIUI

From MIUI and practically any other Android system we can configure the default applications of the system. With this we can establish which application will be opened for each specific action, allowing us in the following way set GCam as MIUI default camera:

  1. Go to Settings > Applications > Manage applications
  2. Once inside, we will click on the three points at the top right and then on Default Applications.

After doing this, we just have to click on “Camera” and choose the camera that we want to use by default in MIUI, be it GCam, trCamera, UltraVCM, PixelCamera or any other.