XiaomiDevices – Xiaomi still relies on its latest operating system, namely MIUI 10. Through this new system, Xiaomi brings many new features without forgetting the old ones which are quite useful.

One of the features that Xiaomi does not eliminate to provide more utility for users is Mi Cloud backup feature, which can be used to back up various files.

By using this feature, users don’t have to worry if their photo or video files are accidentally deleted. The reason is, users can use this feature to restore the photo or video.

How to Turn on Mi Cloud Backup Feature in Xiaomi Gallery App

However, in order to use this feature, Xiaomi users or who are often called MiFans must have a Mi Cloud account and must ensure that they have turned on the feature.

For those who don’t know how to activate it, you can open the Gallery app then tap the button more menu in the top right corner (three dots icon). Next, you can enter Settings, then turn on the button Back up automatically and turn off options Only show local albums.

After successfully turning on this feature, when a photo or video file is accidentally deleted, you can restore it very easily.

How to Restore Deleted Photos or Videos on Xiaomi Phones

  1. First of all, go into the Gallery app
  2. Tap more menu like when activating the backup feature
  3. Then enter the menu Trash bin
  4. Enter the Mi Cloud ID you have
  5. Then select the photo or video you want to restore
  6. Then press the button Restore

But it needs to be emphasized, this old feature from Xiaomi still requires an internet connection. In addition, this feature can only be used for photos or videos that have been deleted recently.

As for photos or videos that have been deleted for a long time or that haven’t been backed up to Mi Cloud, users use computer assistance to solve it.

Actually, this feature is quite similar to the one in Google Photos app. So for those of you who don’t use Xiaomi phones, you can also use a similar feature to secure photo or video files with the Google Photos application.