It is probably not the first time that the connection Wifi of your Xiaomi fails. The same thing may have happened to you with the data connection or even the Bluetooth, impossibility at the time of link to other devices or problems in which we don’t have internet connection which we can solve with a simple adjustment.

Xiaomi’s customization layer allows us restart or restore the connections of our smartphone In a simple way. Restarting the WiFi, Bluetooth and data connection in one go is possible thanks to one of the hidden settings found in MIUI.

Thanks to this we can solve most WiFi, Internet, or Bluetooth pairing issues with other devices that unfortunately usually occur not only on Xiaomi smartphones, but on any Android.

How to restart the Bluetooth, WiFi and data connection of your Xiaomi with MIUI

Stopestablish or restart the WiFi, Bluetooth or data connection of our Xiaomi, eliminating any previous setting or linked device, we just have to perform the following steps:

  1. Go to Settings > Connection and sharing > Reset Wi-Fi, mobile networks, and Bluetooth
  2. Once inside we will only have to select the SIM card to restart and then click on “Retrieve settings“.

In this way we will ensure that the WiFi, Bluetooth and mobile data settings they are again the same ones that our Xiaomi had right out of its box. A fairly simple way to solve many Internet connection or Bluetooth pairing problems.