How to Reset Mi Cloud Header Password

XiaomiDevices – On its mobile phones and tablets, Xiaomi has provided a special feature called Mi Cloud which is a cloud storage service.

Mi Cloud which has been presented on Xiaomi devices has a function to store files, such as videos, photos, contacts, and notes online.

Usually to access Mi Cloud, users need access by connecting to Mi Account. Of course, you will have a little trouble if you forget your Mi Cloud password so that important data stored in it cannot be opened.

But you don’t need to worry because in fact you can easily open Mi Cloud again if you forget the password from the Mi Account. You only need to reset the password using your email, Xiaomi ID, or mobile number.

How to Reset Mi Account Password

Reset Preparation

  1. Open the browser and visit the official site Mi Account
  2. On the main page, select Forgot Password?
  3. On page Password Reset, Enter the mobile number, Email, or Mi Account ID that you usually use
  4. In this case I use E-mail and enter email address
  5. After everything is filled correctly, press the button Next Reset Mi Cloud Account
  6. Next, Xiaomi will send verification code to email and press the button Send
  7. On page account verification, put in code obtained and press the button Submit
  8. Tick I’m not a robot to verify and you are redirected to the page Reset Password next

Mi Account Password Reset

  1. On page Password Reset, enter a new password on reset column
  2. Enter another same password on confirmation column
  3. Press the button Submit to finish changing the password Mi Account
  4. A success notification will appear when the password is successfully changed
  5. Finally, you can try entering new password and email to access Mi Account
  6. If you want to integrate with the system, then you can enter a new password and email on your Xiaomi cellphone Reset Mi Cloud Account 2

Besides being able to be reused to access Mi Cloud, Mi Account support allows your Xiaomi cellphone to be safe when it is lost or stolen.

When people try to do a Factory Reset on a Xiaomi cellphone, it requires access from the Mi Account that has been embedded in the device.

If the Mi Account password that has been stored on the cellphone is not entered, then the Factory Reset process will be very difficult or even impossible directly. Of course, this can prevent the data on the cellphone from falling to other people.

In other words, you must remove the Mi Account from your cellphone first if you want to do a Factory Reset before selling it to someone else or giving it to relatives so that there will be no problems in the future.