As in any other software, MIUI has certain errors that in the long run are solved with the arrival of new updates. Providing our feedback to Xiaomi, reporting problems or bugs, is a fundamental task for its correction.

For this, Xiaomi offers us the possibility of report any problem, failure or error present in their smartphones through an intuitive tool available in MIUI. Although none of us like bugs, the sooner we report them, the sooner Xiaomi will fix them.

Furthermore, when we report a MIUI bug we are not just trying to solve a particular problem, but we are actually helping Xiaomi’s own community, to the Mi Fans, that they do not run into these same failures or bugs and that they enjoy the best possible experience.

It is for this reason that we are going to explain how to report errors in MIUI, reporting any errors, failures or bugs that we have located on our smartphone or on Xiaomi’s own operating system.

How to report an error or problem on Xiaomi phones

The reporting process is quite simple. Just turn to the Settings of the device and locate the option of Services and Comments. That yes, do not forget that it is necessary that your Mi Account is active.

Once inside Services and Comments, we can report any problem or send our suggestion for Xiaomi to improve its MIUI customization layer. For this, we only have to take into account the following steps:

  1. Select if it is a Problem or a Suggestion.
  2. Explain your situation as clearly as possible.
  3. Report how often the problem occurs.
  4. Attach images and/or screenshots showing the error.
  5. Indicate the time when the problem occurred.
  6. Complete the form with your phone number or email.
  7. Turn on error logging.
  8. Accept the terms and conditions.