Among the many options that MIUI offers us, we find the possibility of add watermarks to our photos. A functionality available in practically all Xiaomi that not everyone convinces.

Once we take a photograph with an active watermark, depending on our terminal and the ROM that we have, we can delete it from the Gallery itself or we will have to resort to a third-party application.

In view of this, below we will review the two existing ways to eliminate the watermark in a photograph already taken from a Xiaomi terminal with MIUI installed as an operating system or customization layer.

How to remove the watermark from a photo taken on a Xiaomi

To remove the watermark from a photo We will only have to edit it with the MIUI Gallery itself. To do this, we enter it, press on Edit and a small button “Remove watermark“.

Unfortunately, this option is not available on all Xiaomi smartphones so we must use an image editor. In this case we will use the application Snapseed from Google that we can find and install directly from Google Play itself.

Once downloaded we will only have to carry out the following process in order to remove the watermark from a photograph:

  1. Go to Snapseed and open the image that we want to remove the watermark from.
  2. Then go to Tools> Stain Remover
  3. After selecting the tool “we will paint” the area of ​​the image where the watermark is located.

After that, using techniques of artificial smart Snapseed will be able to fill the area of ​​the watermark with the same colors and textures that encompass the surroundings of said area. Finally, it will be enough to export it and save it in our gallery.

How to disable or customize the MIUI camera watermark

To disable this option that automatically adds the watermark to each new photograph, we will only have to carry out the following steps:

  1. Go to Camera> Settings> Watermark

From this option of the MIUI camera present in practically any Xiaomi we can not only deactivate the watermark but also modify and personalize it to our liking, also including not only text but also any emoticon.

Undoubtedly, an extremely useful functionality that will allow us to “rescue” photographs that we have taken by mistake with the watermark characteristic.