Do you want to remove the ads and notifications that MIUI shows on its interface? You are in luck and today we bring you in a very simple way the steps to follow in order to turn off notifications and remove ads of your Xiaomi device.

With the arrival of MIUI 8.9.13, Xiaomi introduced various advertisements that are automatically incorporated into the settings bar as well as in various Chinese manufacturer’s own applications.

Is fully legal practice Although quite annoying, it has generated a lot of criticism among users who have a Xiaomi device. Even so, it should be noted that as Xiaomi stated some time ago, its earnings for each device sold do not exceed 5% of the total value of the product, so that their income is diversified in several sectors, consisting in this case, with the advertisement ad on your mobile devices.

Disable notifications and collection of user information

The first step that we must take is to disable the collection of information about us that MIUI performs automatically. In this way we will avoid generating ads related to our tastes. To do this, all you have to do is perform the following steps:

  1. Open the app Settings.
  2. In section System and Device we select Additional settings.
  3. Then we choose Authorization and revocation.
  4. We locate the option msa (MIUI System Ads).
  5. We slide its button to disable it.

Disable ads in system apps

In addition, if we want to eliminate all those ads that appear automatically in the various applications of the system, we will have to carry out the following steps:

Application Music: Open the APP -> Walk into Settings -> Advanced settings -> Uncheck the option Receive recommendations.

Application Security: Open the APP -> Walk into Settings -> Uncheck the option Receive recommendations.

Application Downloads: Open the APP -> Press three dots icon -> Enter Settings -> Uncheck the option Show recommended content.

Application File manager: Open the APP -> Enter Settings -> Uncheck the option recommendations

via | Xiaomi