XiaomiDevices – Despite having specifications above the average of most smartphones, Xiaomi-made devices inseparable from the various kinds of problems that haunt him.

Like devices from other brands, one of the most common problems is that the headset mode is active when the headset is not actually plugged in. Because of this, many Xiaomi users are quite confused.

When headset mode is on, the speaker and microphone of the device will be turned off. As a result of this bug, users will find it difficult to operate the smartphone because the audio does not work as it should.

For example, users will not be able to play songs, play videos, or record sound. Most annoyingly, users can’t make voice calls as usual.

The activation of headset mode without a device installed on a Xiaomi smartphone can be caused by many things. Therefore, overcoming this problem cannot be done immediately. The user must adjust it according to the cause that is the source of the problem.

As far as I know, there are three causes that can make headset mode active by itself. The three causes and how to overcome them are as follows:

Dirty Audio Jack Port

The lightest possibility of this problem could be caused by a dirty audio jack port. Over time, the connector hole can get dust, water, or dirt without you knowing it.

For that, you need to clean it using a cotton bud (cotton stick) ear cleaner or hair clip stick if it’s a little more severe. If it is caused by water ingress, you can also clean it by drying it.

Most importantly, you have to be careful when doing it. Don’t let this damage the hardware of your smartphone.

System Error

Headset mode that is active without a headset connected can also occur due to an audio enhancement system error that Xiaomi uses. In this case, the system may incorrectly identify the previously connected device.

To fix this, you can open Settings > Sound and Vibration > audio settings, then select a headset type from the displayed list. Plug the headset you have into the device, then remove it.

On devices with newer system, you can find this option in the section Settings > Additional Settings > Headphones & audio effects. Then you can follow the steps as above.

Apart from an error from the audio enhancement system, this problem can also be caused by a general system error. Therefore, you can try restarting the device, updating the operating system, or flashing again if needed.

Audio Components Are Damaged

The most fatal, this problem can occur due to damage to components such as a special audio IC. For this latter cause, it’s a good idea to take your device to a Xiaomi service center or a trusted repair place.