The Camera application that we find in practically all Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO devices is much more complete than it may seem. Beyond taking photographs, we find the possibility of digitizing and scanning documents and also scan and read QR codes.

Now, with the pademic, scanning QR code has become quite a common task, especially if we go into a bar or restaurant and we want to consult their menu. That is why having a QR code reader is essential for day to day.

Fortunately, Xiaomi integrates its own QR code reader in MIUI, making it easier for us to read them without the need to use third-party applications that accumulate in the internal memory of our mobile device.

How to read QR codes with your Xiaomi camera

For read a QR code with our Xiaomi We will only have to enter the camera application and from the “Photo“Point to the code. After that, a small icon will appear at the bottom right that will link us to the content linked to said QR code.

Even so, if we do not have this functionality active we will have to carry out several steps. For this, it will suffice with:

  1. Enter the Camera application and go to its settings.
  2. Once inside we proceed to activate the option “Scan QR codes

It should be noted that Xiaomi also integrates in its devices an application called “Scanner”. This allows us to directly not only scan QR codes, but also digitize all kinds of documents, books, etc.