Youtube It has become one of the most used on-demand content platforms today. And it is that beyond being able to watch the videos of our favorite youtubers, YouTube allows us to play music completely free of charge.

Even so, the e-platform has a small inconvenience and that is that if we want to play a video clip or video with music on background while we perform another task, we will have to subscribe to YouTube Premium and therefore pay a monthly fee.

Faced with this and so that we do not have to pay this monthly fee, the Xiaomi Music app has added a new and interesting functionality that allows us to play the audio of the videos hosted on YouTube, even with the application in the background.

Play YouTube in seconds without paying YouTube Premium on your Xiaomi

If we want to play YouTube in the background on our Xiaomi for free without having to pay a monthly fee for YouTube Premium, the MIUI 11 Music app allows us to do it by following these steps:

  1. Go to Settings> Additional settings> Region and configure Andorra
  2. Access the app Music of MIUI.
  3. We go to the section “See“.
  4. We log in with our gmail account that we use on YouTube.
  5. Once the session is started, we can search the videos hosted on YouTube from the Xiaomi Music application itself.

After that, we only have to choose the video to play and we can move the application to the background without it pausing playback and as if we had YouTube Premium.

* If you cannot find the “Watch” function that allows you to log in with your Gmail account to watch YouTube videos, we recommend changing the region Settings Additional settings Region Andorra. This change will allow us to access the new functionality of the Xiaomi Music application without affecting the normal behavior of our device.