XiaomiDevices – Using Redmi Airdots different from when using a headset in general. This is because this device already uses wireless technology for connectivity.

In this case, Redmi Airdots is equipped with Bluetooth 5 . technology the latest which offers better connectivity. This technology has faster connectivity and wider coverage.

However, with this connectivity technology, Redmi Airdots cannot be used immediately. You’ll need to pair it before you can use it to listen to music, make phone calls, or access the voice assistant.

Redmi Airdots can actually be paired more easily under normal conditions. In this case, you just need to take out both earpieces and wait for the indicator to flash at a fairly slow pace. If so, all you have to do is connect it to your smartphone.

But if it fails, you need more steps to be able to connect this device. If you don’t know, you can follow the steps in the following review to be successful in pairing Redmi Airdots.

First of all, open the Redmi Airdots charging box. Take out the two earpieces (right and left earphones) from their boxes, then press the buttons on them for a few moments. Wait until the indicator on both flashes red (earpiece off), then release it.

Next, press the button on each earpiece again until the indicator flashes red-and-white rapidly twice. Release each button when the indicator flashes a second time.

Take the left earpiece, then press the button again until the indicator flashes repeatedly. Next, take the right one and do the same. If so, then bring them closer so that the two earpieces are ready to be connected. Later the right earpiece indicator flashes in a slow tempo.

The last step, turn on Bluetooth on the smartphone. Open the list of available Bluetooth, then select the Redmi Airdot_R device. In this case, you only need to connect one earpiece.

Once connected, you can use Redmi Airdots without needing to pair again in the future. You can disconnect by placing the two earpieces into the case.

Meanwhile, to reconnect it, you only need to remove the earpiece and activate Bluetooth on the smartphone. Then select the Redmi Airdots device from the list of available Bluetooth devices.