XiaomiDevices – You could say that the smartphone made by Xiaomi has quite interesting security, where if the user activates synchronization with a Mi account, if the smartphone is on Factory Reset it will require the Mi account.

In other words, a thief who tries to do a Factory Reset on a Xiaomi smartphone will have difficulty typing an unknown Mi account. Even so, this can also be a blunder when the user wants to do a Factory Reset Xiaomi smartphones.

As a result of forgetting the Mi account it will hamper the recovery process so for users who want to sell it will be difficult. However, for gadgets who want to overcome forgetting mi account, you can see the tutorial as follows.

Usually if we forget our email or account, we can still use the cellphone number to log in because usually the Mi account we use is not far from the cellphone number used in daily activities.

How to Overcome Forgot Mi Account

  1. First, Gadgeters can open the official site account.xiaomi.com on a smartphone or laptop browser, whether Chrome, Firefox, or others.
  2. Next, the Gadgeter can choose the menu Forgot Password?
  3. If you forget the email used, the Gadgeter can immediately use mobile number registered to create an MI account.
  4. Next, the Gadgeter can select the button Send.
  5. later verification code will be sent to the mobile number used by the Mi account via SMS.
  6. After the verification code is entered, the Gadgeter can enter it in the column provided and press the Submit button.
  7. Next, the Gadgeter will enter the Reset Password page and Xiaomi will ask the Gadgeter to enter a new password and once again enter the new password to make sure it doesn’t make a typo.
  8. After success, the Gadgeter can directly enter the Mi account on the smartphone using a new cellphone number and password.

If the Gadgeter’s Mi account has successfully logged in on his Xiaomi smartphone, he can also automatically see the email used on the detail page of the Mi account application available on the smartphone.

However, in order not to forget the Mi account they have, Gadgeters make backups or record them in email or applications to store account names and passwords so that they are more organized.

In addition, if you have a Mi account, Xiaomi will provide 5 GB of free cloud storage which can store contacts, SMS, photos, and other data that is present on the smartphone.

Of course, many Xiaomi users really like this Mi account because it makes their smartphone safer if it is lost or stolen because if it is forcibly opened or Factory Reset it requires a Mi account.