Xiaomi comes with many improvements with new features day by day. Opening two applications at once feature are time-saving. And it’s really handy while you want to work on two other applications.

The demand of Xiaomi smartphones is growing very high all over the world due to its cheaper and reasonable price. So the consumer would not hesitate when buying a Xiaomi device.

The given hardware specification is quite high and this device fulfills market demand both for individuals and professionals. MIUI 10 based on Android 9 Pie. This is also one of the reasons due to which people all over the world buy Xiaomi smartphones.

One such popular and useful feature present in MIUI 10 is ‘Split Screen’ feature. The Split Screen is really cool feature. That allows you to open two different application in Xiaomi at the same time on Screen. So, we can also name it as the ‘Multi-tasking’ feature.

Meanwhile, this feature itself exists from MIUI 8 and above, provided that it has an Android Nougat base. For those who are curious about opening two applications on Xiaomi simultaneously, you can follow the steps given below.

How to Open two Applications at Once in Xiaomi

  1. First, open the settings on your Xiaomi Device and go with the ‘open split-screen’ option.
  2. On this ‘open split-screen,’ you will get 3 options to activate this feature on your Xiaomi device:- (a) Long press the Home Button, (b) Long press the Menu Button, (c) Long press the Back Button
  3. Here you can go with any option. We advised you to go with the ‘long-press the menu button’ button. Once you select anyone, the Split Screen feature gets activated.
  4. Now, to open two apps simultaneously, just long-press the box-shaped recent apps button next to the home button.
  5. If the application supports the Split feature, the application will be part of the screen. After that the user can select one more application in another part of the screen.
  6. If both applications support it, then you will see the screen split in half by the application

With the presence of one application on the top half of the screen and another application on the bottom half of the screen. The Split Screen multitasking feature is active. In my opinion, this feature makes it quite easy for you to view videos while taking notes or watching videos while opening a website.

Multitasking work

You watch cooking tutorial videos on Youtube. Then record them directly in the note-taking application. This becomes practical because it can do two jobs at once. But the thing to remember is that the Split Screen multitasking feature is only active on MIUI 8.

Above which already uses the base of Android Nougat. Even though the Xiaomi smartphone is MIUI 8. This feature will not work if the base is still Android 6 Marshmallow.

In fact, if you buy a Xiaomi smartphone from 2019, it is certain that the base of the operating system is Android Nougat and above, so it is certain that you can run the Split Screen multitasking feature.

You could say the above method in Xiaomi is very easy to do where users simply hold down the Recent App button. In fact, almost the average Android smartphone already uses the shortcut to press button recently to activate the Split Screen multitasking feature.