Probably more than once you have wondered how use two Whatsapp accounts on your Xiaomi. The same goes for Facebook, Snapchat, Telegram or even TikTok, a utility unknown to many but very easy to perform in MIUI.

With MIUI cloning applications is extremely easy, allowing us to duplicate the same app in order to be able to use it simultaneously with a different account. An extremely useful utility, especially if we have Dual-SIM.

In view of this, we are going to explain how have two WhatsApp on your Xiaomi, as well as mirror an app in MIUI. This will allow us to use two WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. accounts. simultaneously on the same smartphone.

How to duplicate an app on your Xiaomi or have two WhatsApp on MIUI

if we want clone or have two WhatsApp accounts, as well as duplicating any other MIUI app, we must perform the following steps:

  1. Go to Settings > Apps > Dual Apps
  2. Choose the application that we want to clone or duplicate.

Once a particular application is duplicated, it it will appear on the home screen with the same icon but with a small symbol at the bottom. This will indicate that it is a duplicate app that we can use independently of the main one.

If what we want is remove a duplicate app, in MIUI it is as easy as uninstalling it as if it were a normal application.