Without a doubt, MIUI 12 has become one of the most striking and interesting customization capabilities that Xiaomi has launched. Not only for their new features, but also for its new effects and animations non-linear.

Unlike what we found in MIUI 11, this new version adds a new non-linear animations system that achieve a much smoother transition effect. Although before these were somewhat more abrupt, moving through the MIUI 12 interface is much more pleasant.

Even so, the truth is that the transition speed of these new animations is much slower than many of us would like. Getting to a certain option in the settings or switching from one application to another literally means waiting longer.

In addition, the fact that the animations are more visually striking makes the use of hardware resources is more pronounced and therefore, causing that in more modest terminals the system does not flow as we would like.

How to make MIUI go faster and smoother on a Xiaomi

The first step to improve the speed and fluidity of MIUI 12 on any Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO device is to reduce the transition time of animations. For speed up MIUI 12 animations We will only have to make the following adjustments:

  1. Go to Settings> Additional Settings> Developer Options
  2. Next we access Animation level and modify the following values ​​in order to speed up the animations:
    • Level of window animation: 0.5X
    • Level of animation of transitions: 0.5X
    • Level of duration of animations: 0.5X

In the event that we do not have the Developer options enabled We will have to carry out the following steps to be able to proceed to accelerate the animations:

  1. Go to the Settings app> About phone
  2. Press 3 times on the MIUI version to activate the developer options.

After that, the second step that will bring fluidity as well as better performance to our Xiaomi We find it in a simple MIUI 12 setting. For this, we will only have to do the following:

  1. Go to Settings> Battery and performance; Click on the options wheel
  2. Once inside we activate the option “Clear the cache when the device is locked” adding a value of every 30 minutes.

In this way we will achieve that the cache of our Xiaomi is cleaned every 30 minutes as long as we have the screen locked, thus speeding up the system.