Make a backup of our Xiaomi It will prevent us from certain disappointments in the future. Either due to an error when updating it, installing another ROM or simply because it has been damaged and does not turn on, if we have made a backup we can recover all our data.

To do this, Xiaomi integrates a backup system in MIUI capable of create a backup of all our data and settings: contacts, call history, SMS, application settings, themes, saved passwords and practically everything necessary so that we do not miss anything.

In addition, by following the steps that we will explain below, you can make a full backup of all your downloaded images, photos, videos and documents so that you can retrieve them at any time.

How to make a backup of your Xiaomi

For make a backup of our Xiaomi We just have to perform the following steps:

  1. Go to Settings > Additional settings > Backup and restore
  2. After that we will select where we want to store the backup:
    • Local: Either on the smartphone itself or on a computer.
    • Cloud: The most advisable option, make a backup copy in the Xiaomi cloud, specifically in Xiaomi Cloud.
  3. Choose what data, settings and applications we want to backup.

It should be noted that if we make a local backup, it will be stored in the folder “MIUI/Backups” from the root of our smartphone. Once done, your thing would be to save it on a computer, hard drive or any other type of storage that is not the mobile device itself.

You still have to make a backup of your images, photos and videos

It should be noted that this process will not back up your images, photos or videos. Also, it will not safeguard your files received by WhatsApp so we will have to do it by hand.

For this, we recommend connect your Xiaomi to a computer and activate the data transfer mode. After that, you must copy the following folders according to what you want to safeguard:

  • DCIM: Directory with all the photos and videos taken with the device itself.
  • gcam: In this folder we will find the various .XML profiles that we have used through the GCam or Google Camera application.
  • whatsapp/media: In this directory we will find all the documents, photos, images, videos and other files that we have sent or received by WhatsApp.
  • Telegram: In this directory we will find all the documents, photos, images, videos and other files that we have sent or received by Telegram.
  • Download: Directory with all the files that we have downloaded from the internet.

By copying these folders to our computer, we will be able to pass them back to our Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO when we need it and with this we will truly achieve a full backup.