Nowadays, people can’t even think about living in those areas where there is no cellular network connection. It’s a little painful if you have to live in those areas where there is no or low cellular network connection.

Low or no cellular network connection drains your smartphone battery without any use, and it is very disturbing.

Without a good network, ping of games like PUBG, Mobile Legends, AOV, Free Fire, or Fortnite can jump up and down, so the game sometimes freezes or move slowly.

As a solution, people choose to lock the network to the best available 3G/4G/5G network, like locking a phone network to on a 4G network to get faster access.

But unfortunately, settings have been removed to lock the 4G network on some devices, especially on devices that have a new operating system. Because of this, many people need special methods to lock their phone networks on the 4G network to get faster access.

Many Xiaomi smartphones also experience this limitation. In the initial period of TKDN (Domestic Content Level) enforcement, the Chinese company also had to disable the 4G Network on some of its devices b2`1ecause it did not meet the requirements

Especially, in this case, you must open the network first because the limitation is only done on the software side. Only then can you lock it on the 4G network as they wish.

The first way to lock the 4G network on Xiaomi devices, is use these special code ##4636## or ##3646633## by the dial pad. Then after the testing mode, select the sim slot (1 or 2 depending on the SIM card used for data)

If you have entered the page Phone Info, then look for the Set Preferred Network Type section. Next, open the drop-down menu in that section, then find and select LTE Only option.

For the record, some devices require developer mode so they can access this testing mode. On Xiaomi devices, users can activate it via Settings. First go to the device settings, then go with the system option (for operating systems 8.0 and above). Here, search for ‘About Phone’ option and tap on it. Now to activate Developer options, you have to tap on ‘MIUI Version or Build number’ several times (around 7-10 times). Just do it and how you have successfully activated ‘Developer Options’ on your device.

In addition to using the method above, as a second method, some Xiaomi smartphones can also access their network settings on the Test page via About phone in Settings, then tap the Internal memory section several times.

If the two methods above cannot solve the problem, you can try using another ROM or installing a special tweak with TWRP. However, because it is a bit risky for casual users, we do not recommend these two methods.

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