Mobile games are becoming more and more popular. Since the appearance of the first smartphone, many have put aside their game consoles in order to feed their desire for entertainment through mobile games such as Fortnite, Genshin Impact or League of Legends Wildrift.

That is why every time the main mobile phone manufacturers add more functions to your smartphones for the gaming public, either through increased performance or through software features such as Game Turbo from Xiaomi.

Without going any further, Game Turbo manages to improve the gaming experience on our Xiaomi, allowing us certain adjustments such as the blocking the buttons and gestures of our Xiaomi while we play in order to avoid leaving our game unintentionally.

Thus, especially if we are playing online and any unforeseen event could ruin our game, the gesture and button lock that Xiaomi implements will prevent us from Let’s accidentally exit to the desktop or turn off the screen.

How to lock the buttons and gestures of your Xiaomi while playing

For block the buttons and gestures of our Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO while we play, we just have to perform the following steps through the Game Turbo application:

  1. Go to Settings > Special Features > Game Turbo
  2. Once inside we will go to the settings through the upper right icon and enable the option “Restrict buttons and gestures”.

In this way we will be able to restrict the buttons and gestures to full screen while we play, thus avoiding accidentally leaving. An extremely simple way to improve our gaming experience.

In addition, it is noteworthy that it is essential to start the games through the Game Turbo, so not only will we benefit from this button and gesture lock, but we will also obtain the maximum potential of our Xiaomi.