Some Xiaomi smart products have the great appeal of support Alexa voice assistant. Thanks to this we can manage our smart home through this complete Amazon voice assistant that is currently considered one of the most complete.

Also, you already have a Echo Dot, a EchoPlus or any of the echo show, the skill of Xiaomi Home for Alexa that allows us, in a simple and fast way, to link part of its products with this increasingly used voice assistant.

Cameras, air purifiers, smart plugs and some other products are part of these gadgets that currently have the certification “Alexa-enabled” and that we can link to the Xiaomi voice assistant.

Xiaomi products compatible with Amazon Alexa

Currently the variety of Alexa Compatible Xiaomi Devices is somewhat reduced. Even so, more and more of the firm’s products have support for this Amazon voice assistant:

As we can see, Xiaomi already has several products compatible with Amazon Alexa, these being the most varied.

How to link your Xiaomi gadgets with Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant

The best of all is that thanks to the Xiaomi Home skill we can link our Xiaomi products or gadgets to the Alexa voice assistant in a quick and easy way. Any product that we configure or already have in the Xiaomi app will automatically appear from the Xiaomi assistant.

For link a Xiaomi product with the Alexa assistant We just have to follow the following steps:

  1. Install the Alexa app, then go to More > Skills & Games.
  2. Once inside we look for the Xiaomi Home skill and install it.
  3. Later we will only have to log in with the same account that we have linked to Xiaomi Home or Mi Home.

After logging in, this Xiaomi skill will give us the possibility to search for new devices that we have configured in the Mi Home or Xiaomi Home application to later link them to Alexa.

Similarly, every time we add a new smart product to the Xiaomi app, we can search from Alexa by following these steps:

  1. Enter Alexa> Devices> Click on the upper button “+”> Add device.
  2. After that we go down to “Other” > Detect devices.

In this way Alexa it will start searching for any compatible device that we have configured in the Xiaomi application to link automatically.