Although the capacity of batteries has evolved very little in recent years, fast charging technologies have taken an abysmal leap. Without going any further, terminals such as the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra and its 120W fast charge, make charging its entire battery a matter of a few minutes.

There is no doubt that Xiaomi in it is the undisputed leader, including fast charging systems in practically all of its smartphones. An example of this is the POCO X3 NFC, a really cheap terminal that still incorporates a 33W fast charge.

But… do you really know if your Xiaomi is taking advantage of its fast charge? Well then, we are going to explain how to know if your smartphone is charging to the maximum supported by its fast charge. And beware, it will not be difficult, Xiaomi makes it very easy for us thanks to MIUI.

How to know if your Xiaomi is using its fast charge

To know if your Xiaomi is taking advantage of its fast charge and therefore, charging to the maximum supported, just look at the charging icon. And it is that, MIUI is capable of showing on its interface if we are charging our smartphone normally or instead by fast charging.

As we can see in the image above, if we are charging our smartphone in a conventional way, that is, using a charger without fast charging, the lightning icon will be displayed without further ado. On the other hand, if you are taking advantage of its fast charge, the icon will be a double interlaced lightning bolt.

In this simple way we can know if the used charger is compatible with fast charging, if it has a fault or if our smartphone, for any particular reason, is not using its fast charging system.