One of the questions that I have received the most in recent months is related to Xiaomi wireless headphones. Specifically, after having bought the Xiaomi Air Dots or Redmi Air Dots on AliExpress or from China, many of you ask us if these are original or fake.

In view of this, below we have compiled several important factors that will help you distinguish whether your Xiaomi AirDots or Redmi AirDots are original or not. different ways of knowing if you have been sold a fake or replica and thus be able to claim your purchase.

The first and perhaps the most important detail is distinguish the Xiaomi logo on the headphone box. Whether they are Xiaomi AirDots, or the Redmi AirDots, they must show the signature logo in its classic blue hue.

The same goes for your manual. Any of the versions of the Redmi AirDots, be it its first generation, the AirDots 2 or the AirDots 2S, They should offer a small user manual, in which the Xiaomi logo must also be displayed. The same happens for the Xiaomi AirDots.

Other small details to know if your Xiaomi AirDots headphones are original

Beyond the previous checks in order to find the Xiaomi logo on the box or its manual, other small details of the headphones can give us clues about if they are original or if instead they are a replica.

Two of the easiest details to find are related to your charging case. East must open at a 90º angle, presenting a good sense of durability. If the inclination is less or even does not stand on its own, you are almost sure that your Redmi AirDots are fake.

In addition, at the bottom of the case, the name of the headphones and other technical data must be detailed. these in addition must be displayed dimly and not in such a clear way as shown in the following image.

Beyond that, other details that can make it easier for us to find out if our Xiaomi AirDots or Redmi AirDots headphones are fake can be found in the headphones themselves. As seen in the image, the symbol for left or right must be almost flat.

Likewise and at least in the latest versions of the Redmi AirDots, Xiaomi adds a small blue sticker on the charging terminals of the headphones. These, in the original version, are intended to avoid contact with the charge of the case and thus keep a minimum of battery.