Our smartphone has become our greatest source of information. In it we store not only photographs, videos and all kinds of audiovisual material, but also access to our bank accounts, chat histories, etc.

MIUI, for its part, has various mechanisms that allow us to improve our privacy, preventing anyone who has access to our Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO from viewing compromised information.

Still, we can go one step further. Thanks to the app WTMP – Who has taken my mobile? we can have evidence at all times of if someone has tried to unlock our Xiaomi, gathering information from the individual. For example, taking an automatic selfie photo.

So you can know if they have tried to use your Xiaomi without consent

To know if they have tried to use your Xiaomi without your permission it will suffice with download the WTMP application РWho has taken my phone? from Google Play. This is completely free and has a large number of positive ratings.

After that, we will only have to start it and grant you all the permissions you require (access to the system, the use of applications, the camera, etc.). After that, we will only have to access its settings and enable the option “Monitoring of incorrect unlock attempts“. To do this, it will require permission to access the lock screen. Finally, we will activate the application.

In this way, every time someone tries to use our Xiaomi and makes an incorrect unlock attempt will be recorded and also an automatic photograph will be taken with the front camera. In this way we will know when and who has tried to access our smartphone.