Smartphones have become our main life companion. You probably won’t be apart of him throughout the day, thus occupying most of your free time and in many cases, the time you spend at work.

It is because of that count how many hours we spend in front of the smartphone and especially to Which applications do we spend more time on?, becomes a fundamental task in order to improve our digital well-being. To do this, all Global and European Xiaomi integrate a most interesting tool from the hand of Google.

Since MIUI 11, Xiaomi has added to its smartphones the application “Digital Wellbeing“, a complete registry that allows us to see how many hours a day we spend in front of the smartphone, in which applications do we spend more time and also offers us tools to improve our digital health.

How to know how many hours we spend with our Xiaomi and which applications we use the most

To know how many hours we spend in front of our Xiaomi smartphone and also how many hours we use each application that we have installed in MIUI we just have to start digital wellness“. To do this, we will perform the following steps:

  • Go to Settings
  • Once inside, in the upper bar we will look for “digital wellbeing” and click on the search result.

Once we have opened Google Digital Wellbeing, it will show us how many hours have we spent each day using our smartphone. In addition, if we click on the ring we can see in detail the hours of use of each application installed in MIUI.

From this functionality integrated in all Xiaomi we can create usage alarms for each application, start the Rest mode and manage notifications. A fundamental tool so that our smartphone does not eat up all our free time in a toxic way for our health and well-being.