One of the biggest changes that the new Xiaomi Mi SmartBand 4 we find it on its color screen. A new AMOLED-type panel that, in addition to increasing in size, brightness and resolution, now allows us to customize your background with countless watch faces.

In particular, if you have never heard of watchfaces, they are nothing more than small custom themes, which, as happens with the spheres of smart watches, these allow us to wear a totally different design in the way of presenting the time and the monitored data on the screen of the Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4 itself.

And it is that, although the new Mi Smart Band 4 already has a wide catalog of watchfaces Covering virtually any hue and design, there is the ability to add new custom and community-created themes. For this reason, we will now explain in detail how download and install new watchfaces on your smart bracelet.

This tutorial has been created by makyko66 In collaboration with rafalink (both members of our Telegram group @miband4xiaomi) that from XiaomiAdictos we greatly appreciate your magnificent work, dedication and for having allowed us to publish your incredible guide.

How to install other custom Watchfaces

Before starting the installation of new watch faces or custom themes in our Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4 we must deactivate the bluetooth of our smartphone so that the bracelet is not synchronized and we can carry out the process correctly. Next we will perform the following steps:

1. First of all we will have to download the .bin file of the watchface that we want to install. We recommend that you visit, a website where you will find from its section for the Mi Smart Band 4, various topics that are also being updated day by day.

2. Once we have downloaded the .bin file of the watchface that we want to install, we must open the app My Fit, go to the section “bracelet screens“. In this section we will select a Watchface that we are not using and that we also want to replace with the new one that you have previously downloaded (We recommend choosing a watchface that you practically do not use since it will be replaced by the new one. Even so, if you want to have the watchface you can do it following this same tutorial).

3. Next, once we have selected the watchface that we want to replace as shown in the previous image, we will look at your design and we will go with the File Explorer to the path: Android ⇒ data ⇒ ⇒ files ⇒ watch_skin_local.

4. Once inside we will move through the various subfolders until find the image that corresponds to the design of the watchface that we have selected in the Mi Fit application and that we want to replace with the new one.

5. Once located, we will copy the name of the bin file of the watchface to replace and later we will change your name adding the word BACKUP as a backup in case at some point we want to restore it.

6. Next, we will replace the name of the downloaded watchface with the one we just copied and we will also move this file to the same path where the watchface we want to replace is located and to which we have already added the word “BACKUP”.

7. Finally we will only have activate bluetooth again For the Mi Fit application to be synchronized, open said application and in the “Wristband screens” section, click on the “Synchronize clock face” in order to apply the new theme that we have downloaded and replaced.

* if we want restore the replaced watchface we will only have to delete the one we downloaded and moved to the original directory and then delete the word “BAKCUP” of your name.

Emphasize again that this tutorial has been made by makyko66 In collaboration with rafalink (both members of our Telegram group @miband4xiaomi). If you want to make a donation for their work, you can do so at