XiaomiDevices – Xiaomi is one of the vendors that is famous for producing smartphones that have attractive hardware specifications, but at an affordable price.

In addition, the modified ROM named MIUI This is an attraction for Xiaomi smartphone users because it offers an interface, features, and functions that are arguably interesting to use.

Not only that, MIUI itself is usually provided with a variety of interesting themes to pamper Xiaomi smartphone users. Even users can also download it directly from the Theme Manager application which provides a variety of themes that have been certified by Xiaomi.

However, for gadgets who want to install themes from third parties, it is sometimes difficult or rejected by Xiaomi because there are regulations embedded in the operating system. For that, for gadgets who want to install themes from third parties on Xiaomi smartphones, they can see the tutorial as follows.

How to Install MIUI Third Party Themes

  1. Initially, Gadgeters can download applications MIUI Theme Editor from Google Play Store on the Google Play Store.
  2. After the application of this theme is installed on the smartphone, the Gadgeter can access it.
  3. Later the Gadgeter can select the button CHOOSE THEME (PICK A THEME) on the main page of the MIUI Theme Editor application if a third-party theme has been imported into the Theme Manager on the smartphone and has an error when installed or select it BROWSE (if the theme has not been downloaded or imported from the Internet).
  4. In this case I already imported the theme and it failed to install so I had to press the button SELECT THEME (PICK A THEME).
  5. Then, the Gadgeter can press the button START (START) and can wait for the process to run.
  6. When the process is complete, you will enter the Select To Edit page and Gadgets just simply select the button NEXT (NEXT).
  7. When the Export Theme page appears, you can immediately press the button DONE (DONE).
  8. When you return to the main application page, the process is automatically completed.
  9. Then, you can open the MIUI Theme Manager on your Xiaomi smartphone and can directly select the edited theme.
  10. Furthermore, the Gadgeter can press the button Apply on the MIUI Theme Manager application.
  11. Finally, MIUI themes from third parties can be directly installed properly on Xiaomi smartphones.

MIUI Theme Editor

You could say this method will make it easier for Xiaomi smartphone users to be able to implement themes downloaded from other websites or third parties. Meanwhile, one of the reasons many Xiaomi users download themes from third parties is because sometimes they are more interesting than those in the default Theme Manager application. Good luck,