Having a digital certificate in our Xiaomi is essential to carry out fast and secure procedures from any location. In the case of Spain, this electronic identification document is issued by the National Mint and Stamp Factory and it is usually installed in the browser itself in order to access the different Electronic Offices.

This digital document has multiple purposes, from providing an electronic signature to make inquiries and requests in different public institutions. In the face of this, then we are going to explain how to install a digital certificate on your Xiaomi.

So you can request and install a digital certificate on your Xiaomi

The process to install a digital certificate in a Xiaomi is practically the same as it would be in any mobile with an Android operating system. Yes indeed, If you still do not have a digital certificate, the first step would be to request it. For it:


  1. The first thing we will have to do is access the Website of the Royal Mint.
  2. Once inside from the section Natural Person> Obtain Software Certificate> Request Certificate We may request our digital certificate and / or digital signature.
  3. After that we will only have to appear before a citizen service office (SAC) or any other competent unit in order to validate and accept this request.
  4. Once the above process has been carried out, a link will be sent to our email from which to download our digital certificate.

Once this process is complete, you must install your digital certificate. To import it into your Xiaomi you just have to follow these steps:

  1. Copy the digital certificate to your Xiaomi. Its extension is usually .p12 or .pfx.
  2. Run the certificate from the file explorer or from Settings> Security> Credential storage. If you choose the second route, you must press Install from phone memory” and choose the certificate in question.
  3. Enter the export password and finally press accept.
  4. Depending on what you need the certificate for, select the option “Wifi” or “VPN and apps” and click OK again to finally name the certificate.