XiaomiDevices – Xiaomi has officially presented the MIUI 12.5 modification system on several of its mobile phones that bring a variety of new features.

MIUI 12.5 itself is an Android 11 operating system that has been modified by Xiaomi so that it presents an interface, features, and functions that have been adapted to the needs of its fans.

Following the current trend, MIUI 12.5 also has a new feature called Memory Extension which allows you to add more RAM capacity up to 3 GB of RAM.

Memory Extension will borrow free space on internal storage to be converted into Virtual RAM. For example, your Xiaomi cellphone has 8 GB of physical RAM, so thanks to the presence of this feature, it allows RAM to have a total capacity of up to 11 GB.

The addition of RAM capacity will certainly have an impact on the performance of the mobile system that is able to run more applications or games in multitasking.

For the record, the internal storage on current Xiaomi phones has used UFS 2.0 technology or a version above which has high speed so that it is suitable for Virtual RAM.

If your Xiaomi phone is already running MIUI 12.5 and want to increase RAM using the Memory Extension feature, then you can follow the guide as follows.

How to Increase RAM Capacity with Memory Extension

  1. Make sure your Xiaomi phone is using MIUI 12.5 or above
  2. Open the app Settings
  3. Enter menu Additional Settings
  4. Select menu Memory Extension
  5. Press the button toggle to activate the feature Memory Extension
  6. Restart cellphone so that the system does a refresh
  7. Later the RAM capacity will automatically increase

Xiaomi Memory Extension

The process to activate the Memory Extension feature is very simple and easy for even ordinary users to do. Although many devices have received MIUI 12.5, of course the update process is carried out by Xiaomi on a rolling basis so you have to be patient if you don’t get it.

Actually, Xiaomi is not the only one that has this feature. Several vendors seem to have brought similar features such as vivo with Extended RAM features, OPPO with Memory Expansion, and Samsung with RAM Plus.