Our privacy has become a key point that we should protect on a daily basis. It is because of that hide our phone number on our Xiaomi becomes essential for certain calls.

Hiding our number we can make a call without our recipient being able to know who is calling. Furthermore, in this way we can protect our identity when calling certain services.

To do this, the phone application that Xiaomi integrates into its latest smartphones allows us to hide our number on outgoing calls. What’s more, the Google phone application allows us to hide our number, show it or set the default settings of our operator.

In addition, when it comes to hiding our number, there is the possibility of do it by application setting or via a prefix. The latter has the advantage that it will only be applied for a specific call.

How to hide your phone number on a Xiaomi

You already have a Redmi Note 7, a Xiaomi Mi A1 or any other Xiaomi device, hiding the phone number is quite easy. To make a hidden call We just have to perform the following steps:

  1. Go to the Phone application and then access the settings.
  2. Once inside we will go to Call accounts> Advanced settings> Caller ID
  3. From this option we can adjust the caller ID, hiding our number or showing it.

Hide number using a prefix

In addition, many of the main operators such as Movistar, Orange or Vodafone allow us to hide our phone number by entering a prefix. This is usually #31#, regardless of whether it is a Xiaomi smartphone or any other Android.

So to hide our phone number on a specific call, just we will have to use the prefix #31#, that is, if the number to call is 9XXXXXXXX, we will make the call to #31#9XXXXXXXX.

As an advantage, this method to hide our number allows us to only apply to a specific call, since if we hide by default, all outgoing calls will go without showing the number.

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