Back in 2018, Xiaomi introduced a notch for the first time on its smartphones. Specifically, the first device to integrate it was the Xiaomi Mi 8, thus marking a before and after and evolving over the years.

Currently, notches have evolved until they do not go beyond the size of the selfie camera, also known as On-screen embedded or punch-hole selfie camera. Even so, both are still present in current smartphones, becoming a distraction to the eye.

In the face of this and until it is possible to launch a smartphone with an under-screen camera, Xiaomi integrates several forms of hide or disguise the selfie camera. Thanks to this, we can achieve decrease selfie or notch camera by means of a black stripe.

How to hide the selfie or notch camera of your Xiaomi

To hide the selfie or notch camera of your Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO You just have to follow the following steps:

  1. Go to Settings> Display> Control Center and Notification Bar> Hide notch
  2. Once inside, we will choose the design that we like the most.

In this simple way, we can hide the selfie camera of our Xiaomi by means of a black bar to be masquerading as an upper frame. The front camera or the notch will be integrated with the new design, going more unnoticed and adjusting the rest of the interface.